Hi, we're Man & Bear.

Hi, we're Man & Bear.

Hi, we're Man & Bear.

Hi all, we’re Man & Bear. 

We’re the men’s accessories brand founded by Tony Carr in 2014 here in the New Forest, England. We used to be called Man Gun Bear but in June 2022 we decided it was time to drop the gun. We have a new name, new website and new branding but everything else is exactly as it’s always been: innovative design, traditional craftsmanship and luxury accessories, all proudly made here in the UK.

The name Man Gun Bear was born out of Tony’s university days. “Man Gun Bear” was a drinking game he used to play, similar to “Rock Paper Scissors”, and when it came to naming the business years later the game’s three word title came to mind. Good things come in threes and we liked that it was snappy and memorable. Lots of things have changed since university but our brand has always tried to maintain that same lively, playful spirit as we’ve grown and developed. One thing that we felt did need to change, however, was the gun.

Our original brand name was never intended to be controversial or political, just a nod to a moment in our past which actually wasn’t gun-related at all (or particularly bear-related for that matter). But, on reflection, it’s a reference that not that many people understand, like how they say a joke’s no longer funny if you have to explain it, and we didn’t want new customers to get the wrong impression and misunderstand what we’re about. So, we came to the conclusion that it’s time to drop the gun and to rebrand simply as “Man & Bear”.

Broadly speaking, our product range can be divided into four categories: handcrafted luxury accessories for the desk, suit, travel and adventure. Our products are designed for the man who wants and expects the same high quality, well-made pieces to accompany him whatever he’s doing, whether he’s in the office or on the road. Or, as we see it, whether he’s Man or Bear.

The Man is professional, he looks sharp and he needs high quality, unique pieces to serve him well: cufflinks, desk accessories, luxury watch straps, bespoke wallets. The Bear is an avid explorer and approaches life with curiosity. He needs well-made, practical pieces to take with him on adventures through his stomping ground and beyond: passport holders, wash kits, hip flasks, motorbike accessories. Man & Bear customers need both.

Over the years as Man Gun Bear we’ve become known for producing top-quality handcrafted products, made consciously from sustainably sourced materials. We don’t cut corners, we celebrate the best of UK craftsmanship by using traditional old-school techniques in our workshop and putting time and care into everything we do. It’s a reputation we’re extremely proud of and we don’t want that to be lost in the rebrand; by keeping hold of the core parts of our original name we nod to our core values which will always stay the same.

 Our products are personal in every way. They are handmade to order by a small close-knit team who put love and attention into everything they do. They are personalised for each customer, with names, initials or bespoke messages stamped or engraved into each piece. They are often bought as gifts, holding unsaid meaning between giver and receiver, and the natural materials we use are themselves full of character, making each item one of a kind.

Ultimately, they are designed to be a reflection of an individual’s personality in all its parts: Man, Bear, and everything in between.

We hope you like the new site and that you’ll stick around for the next part of our adventure.

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