About Man & Bear

Man & Bear: quality accessories for life’s adventures.

We’re Man & Bear, the men’s accessories brand founded by Tony Carr in 2014 here in the New Forest, England.

We design and make handcrafted luxury accessories for men: for their suit and desk, their travels and adventures. Our products are designed for the man who wants and expects the same high quality, well-made pieces to accompany him whatever he’s doing, whether he’s in the office or on the road, pitching a tent or walking down the aisle. Or, as we see it, whether he’s Man or Bear.

Since the beginning we’ve always done things properly, honing our skills, sourcing quality sustainable materials and making products we genuinely love - because if we like them, chances are you will too. We don’t cut corners, we celebrate the best of UK craftsmanship by using traditional old-school techniques in our Ringwood workshop and putting time and care into everything we do. 

Our products are personal in every way. They are handmade to order by a small close-knit team who are meticulous with their work and attention to detail. They are personalised for each customer, with names, initials or bespoke messages stamped or engraved into each piece. They are often bought as gifts, holding unsaid meaning between giver and receiver, and the natural materials we use are themselves full of character, making each item one of a kind.

Ultimately, they are designed to be a reflection of an individual’s personality in all its parts: Man, Bear, and everything in between.