Caring for your Brass Products
Caring for your Brass Products

Caring for your Brass Products

Brass offers a timeless aesthetic and an element of luxury to suit accessories. It is necessary, however, to polish un-lacquered brass to maintain its brilliance and high gloss look. Alternatively, an aged antique feel will be achieved if left to tarnish which can have equal appeal.

The tarnish is caused by oxidation which is actually a reaction to prevent further corrosion - this can be removed when cleaned with any high quality polish. The rate of oxidation is dependent on the conditions the cufflinks have been stored in and how regularly they have been handled. All Man Gun Bear brass items are un-lacquered, so here's a few simple tips on how to maintain them:

  1. Buy the best metal polish available to you. We would recommend Brasso but any high quality polish will be suitable to achieve a rich patina on the brass.
  2. Use an oldsoft cotton T-shirt or similar to apply the polish and follow the directions on the bottle.
  3. Buff dry with a clean cloth after application, again using an old soft cotton T-shirt as brass is soft and will scratch.

We would recommend carrying out this process 3-4 times per year or whenever your cufflinks look like they are in need of some sprucing up.

We do offer stainless steel and aluminium bronze as alternative materials which do not tarnish as readily, however brass is still an extremely popular choice despite the maintenance involved. Most people will agree it's a small inconvenience to pay for the luxury of owning solid brass items.


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